What are the major obstacles to eliminating healthcare disparities around the globe?

How can students and residents improve healthcare services in resource-limited areas in a way that is concrete, sustainable, and mutually beneficial?

Although there are many answers to these questions, there is common ground to both in the field of laboratory medicine. Today, access to diagnostic technology serves as one of the most significant divides between the developed and developing world. Effective prevention and treatment of the world’s most prevalent illnesses–Malaria, HIV, Tuberculosis–relies first on correct identification. Laboratory equipment and training represents an investment in a community that provides empowerment, education, and improved outcomes.

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The Microscope Exchange was founded by students at the University of Vermont College of Medicine. The organization is devoted to increasing the presence of diagnostic  labs in resource-limited regions worldwide. We operate through the following channels:

  1. Conducting research and gathering data
  2. Establishing labs and improving diagnostic capabilities in partner sites around the world
  3. Developing resources and manuals to standardize lab protocols
  4. Providing eligible applicants with microscopes, lab supplies and institutional support to establish sites of their own.